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putin. there are reports from southern ukraine that 2,000 russian troops have landed there. one ukrainian leader has called on russia to stop the provocation, stop the aggression and said the ukrainian army is prepared to defend it's territory. we'll get the very latest live from ukraine, but first the day's fast-moving events in a country that is geographically and culturally at the crossroads of east and west. >> troops with no insignia took control of the crimeaen airports. ten russian helicopters flew into ukraine air space. watching it all very closely is united states. secretary of state john kerry discussing rising tensions this morning. >> we raise the issue of the airports, we raise the issue of armored vehicles and personnel in various places. while we were told that they are not engaging in any violation of the sovereignty and do not intend to, i nevertheless made it clear that that could be misinterpreted at the moment, and there are enough tensions that it is important for everybody to be extremely careful not to inflame the situation, and not to send the wrong mess
you breaking news coverage on the crisis in ukraine, growing concerns of a russian invasion. stories escalating by the moment. we just heard a little while ago from jim acosta, our senior white house correspondent, the united states is now actively considering the possibility of not attending the g-8 summit in sochi, russia, in june unless the russians withdraw their troops from ukraine. don't get involved militarily. the immediate and former u.s. ambassador to russia, michael mcfaul is joining us once again. he's back in stanford university, only back a couple days, ambassador and the situation is escalating by the moment. i want you to listen to what senator john mccain told us here in "the situation room" just a little while ago about president obama. >> it's been clear that maybe the president of the united states has been a bit naive about vladimir putin and his ambitions. >> you served the president of the united states, you were named as his ambassador in moscow, you're a scholar when it comes to russia and the former soviet union. is the president a bit naive when it comes to
the russian majority region and the rest of ukraine. russian troops also are set to have surrounded the state television facility, some are calling it, and i'm quoting it now, an armed invasion of the country. all of this coming just six days after the ukrainian president, viktor yanukovych, was driven from the capital following deadly demonstrations against this pro-moscow president. let's go to our senior white house correspondent jim askos sta. explain this for us. >> president obama was supposed to be out here 15 minutes ago so he's running late. he was expected to be at the democratic committee at this hour, wolf, laying out his midterm strategy for his party. instead he'll be here in the briefing room talking about ukraine. we've been pressing white house officials as to what is going on on the ground in crimea, just who those forces are with the black insignia on and while there are assumptions that it may be russian forces but it will be interesting to hear what the president has to say about that. the united states has been warning russia that it would be a grave mistake to intervene
. >> ukraine... >> chaos in ukraine as russian gunmen sees the airport in crimea. moscow raises financial aid. >> preparing to speak - viktor yanukovych to address his removal of power as he hides out in rush a ia -- russia. >> the new look. >> the fight for freedom for our al jazeera colleagues detained in egypt. people around the world rally for their release. >> hi there. welcome to al jazeera america. i'm thomas drayton. we begin with a crisis in ukraine. moscow is trying to hold on to ties with ukraine. russian president vladimir putin ordered his deposit to discuss possible financial aid for ukraine with international partners, and is asking the government to consider humanitarian aid. the south is seeing backlash to the new ukrainian government. there has been a wave of protests and reports that gunmen in russian-marked uniforms seized the main airport. this was taken at the airport, a dark image of men in helmets. 50 armed men were there. earlier another group of pro-russian gunmen took control. lawrence lee takes a look at the rising tensions in crimea. >> there's attempts made to tu
russians in the ukraine and again i wouldn't be surprised based on comments from the ukrainian ambassador it u.n. -- gerri: here is the president. president barack obama. listen in. >> over the last several days the united states have been responding to events as they unfold in ukraine. throughout this crisis we have been very clear about one fundamental principle, the ukrainian people deserve the opportunity to determine their own future. together with our european allies we have urged an end to the violence and encouraged ukrainians to pursue a course in which they stablized their country, forge a broad-based government and move to elections this spring. i also spoke several days ago with president putin and my administration has been in daily communication with russian officials and we made clear they can be part of an international community's effort to support the stability and success of a united ukraine going forward which is not only in the interests of people of ukraine and international community but also in russia's interests. however we are now deeply concerned by reports of m
patience with putin. washington warning the kremlin to stand down now in ukraine. russian forces are on the move. journalists from the "associated press" report they've spotted a convoy of russian troops making its way through southern ukraine. the same region where armed men in full battle gear have now seized and taken control of two airports. we'll show you where this is happening. crimea region on the black sea, critical port area where russia has a huge navy base. wear hearing from the ex-president of ukraine and he is in russia and is getting president putin's protection. he says despite the bloodshed he is still the rightful ruler and started his news conference with a clear sign of frustration. see the break there? the former president snapped his pen in half. went on place blame for his problems on the west and the united states. >> translator: irresponsible by the west. but ukraine is a strong country and we well overcome it. >> that was awful, that translation. i have know idea what he said but he is blaming us. enough with putin clearly siding with the man whose ukrai
of military movements taken by the russian federation inside of ukraine. russia has a historical relationship with ukraine, including cultural and economic ties and a military facility in crimea. it would represent a profound interference in matters that must be determined by the ukranian people. a clear violation of russia's commitment to respect the sovereignty and borders of ukraine and of international laws. just days after the world came to russia for the olympic games it would be invite the condemnation of nations around the world. the united states will stand in the international community affirming that will costs of any invasion of ukraine. the events remind us of how democracy can be. human beings have a universal right to determine their own future. right now, the situation remains very fluid. vice president biden just spoke with prime minister -- the prime min sister of you yan, in this difficult moment, the united states supports his government's efforts and stands for the sovereignty, territorial activity and the democratic future of ukraine. i also commend the ukranian governme
coming >> hello again the top stories on al jazeera. ukraine's interior minister says that russian military forces have blocked the airport in caimia. there's a military presence at the passenger airport. >> security forces fired tear gas on large crowds of protesters in caracas. protesters are angry about inflation, crime and the oppression of the opposition. >> fren president francis hollande is due to arrive in the central african republic to meet the french soldiers deployed there. >> the political crisis in ukraine - positions are likely to beinflamed by the parliament in kiev, repealing the law given to the russian language. >> we have a report from the former capital of soviet ukraine. >> a performance of "mid summer night's dream", in the middle of the mainly russian speaking theatre. this theatre uses the ukrainian language. it's named after a serb and poet whose famous works speak to the spirit of rebellion. the theatre's first director died in ta soviet gulag as the nationalist culture was crushed. a professor from leviv was foching the exhibits in the museum when they -
taken by the russian federation inside of ukraine. there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> i'm bret baier in washington. this is a fox news alert. president obama addressing the nation less than an hour ago about reports the russian military had entered ukraine. we have fox team coverage tonight on the extremely fluid situation in ukraine, changing by the hour. wendell goler covers the president's brief address, but first, senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg keeping a close eye from london on this developing story. good evening, amy. >> hi, bret. the warm glow of the olympic closing ceremony has dispalted in less than a wee ukraine's crimea has probably something to do with local militia groups, protection groups, bret, but certainly, there is a russian military presence down there, and the question and the concern is where is it all leading? another jarring wake-up call in ukraine. armed men take over the civilian airport in the semiautonomous region of crimea, and where russia bases its black sea fleet. russia says its personnel there are doing
if ukraine where to run out of money how much of it without the full full of channels the russian companies. people who have borne the ukrainian sovereign bonds which are that which is the debt that people are most afraid of seeing the default on our very wide range of borrowers and russia is not a major buyer covertly of ukrainian soccer moms to be one of many creditors would be hurt by ukrainian sovereign default. when we look at then at the lifeline to rush off to ukraine at the end of last year what you think that the probability is that that moscow will go through on that sits in a voice and reservations when it comes to paying out the launch is all about lifeline. there was a quid pro quo for that lifeline. in exchange for a lifeline and for reducing the cost of gas to russia sells ukraine or russia want to ukraine to extend the lease on russia's black sea fleet located in the crimea. in the celestial pole. so it was just not a pure economic or financial deal it was also a political deal. and those to the political side of it having them the black sea fleet stationed in crimea is stil
taken over two airports in crimea. a largely russian speaking part of ukraine, which is home to a massive russian naval base. this is simferopol, the capital. they are saying nothing to reporters. but flights are still operating in and out of this civilian airport as normal. the situation is less clear at nearby sebaterpol. you can see some of the warplanes lined up by fighter jets belonging to ukraine's armed forces. this has been taken over by unidentified armed men. here's our nick childs with the latest. >>reporter: unsettling images for the new authorities in the ukrainian capital kiev and also for many more looking anxiously in the world. armed men on guard in crimea with its ethnic russian majority. in uniform without identifying markings. pro-russian, no doubt. but is there anything more to it than that? with word of similar developments, ukraine's new interior minister has spoken of a home invasion. outwardly it looks calm. the airport has been operating more or less normally. but whoever these men are they are making clear their unhappiness with the dramatic upheava
on someone's site supporting kiev ukraine. i'm pro russian groups. having classes as well as a protest here in the crimean capital city is running very high amongst those groups of crimea has been majority population of ethnic russians but also about a quarter of the population of the ukrainian and about twelve percent of ethnic talks up to their list of potential that for an exclusive mix of when. when these questions of bush also what the status of crimea will be up within ukraine and moves such as the interim president said russia not to also releasing its full sizzle pro russian forces whatever's happened today. it does not seem to seam to the us the government in kiev but the russians all the pro russian forces are abiding by those agreements. making the situation ever more sense to him and today that tom watson in the coaching from crimea. on the economists in the property of crimea is on the most intense that the docs seattle kitties and the rest of the crimean penny silat is the only ukrainian beach and then actually collections are in the majority. according to two thousand and one
to the russian military who have seized control of two airports in the ukraine. we're also hearing that as many as 20 russian marines armed with machine guns have surrounded a tv station in crimea, southern ukraine, although for right now they remain outside of the building. marines were called in to keep the building secure. this, as the country's ousted president emerged from the shadows today and came out swinging against his political opponents. a defiant viktor yanukovych made an appearance under russian presence saying that he's still in charge and he's not backing down. >> translator: nobody has overturned me. i was compelled to leave ukraine due to a direct threat of my life and my nearest and dearest. >> so that was his explanation for why he left. what he could not explain is how he plans to take back control of the country where an interim government is already in place and elections are set to pick a new leader. not to mention the fact that his supposed benefactor russian president vladimir putin has remained relatively quiet has his neighbor to the west unravels. putin put in a cal
you knew you . the ukraine to the old system of dictation us russian forces reportedly take control of two airports in arabia protests continue in the venezuelan capital of the stars of the week long carnival holiday pfft. german chancellor offers to find solutions to address its concerns about the european union. i think. ukraine's interior minister claims russian forces have now taken control of two appleton arabia. eyewitnesses of the regional center of sucre polled say the group was stressed that cinco the biggest those who sees the call of the team would be a guest today. what a beautiful day and explain to you and use what he was the view. we say to you when people write me a top step that will stay here for a long long period of time it's a place called sunday for rushing to hospital. also the ukrainians job of the are not able to carry piece. it was the last. the spokesman said the attack has occurred to me about the bad times apologize. actually all the words of the vitriol cold in the pool to suppress the poll was seized and the reports of anti corruption bill crushes do w
autonomus ukraine says russian military forces blocked the airport in crimea. armed men have taken control of the international airport in the capitol and they are wearing unmarked uniforms, no insinnias and the airport is functioning normally and it's in the hands of armed men and took control of the building on thursday and they are standing their ground. in kiev, ukraine temporary parliament asked the council to call a session and is summoning security chiefs over the crisis. as for the president, viktor yanukovych he says he is still president and in charge but speculation is increasing about his whereabouts and has been for days and looks like he is in the southern russian city near the border of ukraine and he says he will hold a news conference there in the next few hours. and our correspondence are covering all angles of the story and we are in crimea's capitol and in kiev where they are scrambling to try to contain the crisis and in russia where yanukovych is due to speak and first let's cross to the civilian airport and there are two and we are on the lien and who is in control o
you with us. 150,000 russian troops on the border with ukraine. they have the cry me an -- krimmnan ports are filled with russian ships. >> i take my hat off to the ukrainian leadership, they navigated waters that have been stirred up by mr. putin well, resisted any type of arm react. they are working hard to establish a democratic government, in kiev, they are doing the right thing. they are asking for financial aid from the european union and the united states to get themselves back on their feet, fiscally. but in terms of who putin is doing, it is important to understand that krimea is vitally important to russians. sebastopol is only warm water port they have, we perhaps don't make as much as of domestically as perhaps russian do this is a very emotional issue, for all of the russian people and putin's reputation is at stake. lou: so is the landover which his pipelines run, carrying natural gas to europe, so is the bread basket that is ukraine russian for russia an stomachs. >> hard to say, so far, he has not put the hammer down. but remember, now, the russians, as you say have
and jokes coming up. as ukraine's national assembly rooms in the interim cabinet. pro russian armed gunmen continued to control crime year's regional parliaments the last five days after his ouster ex president of ghana which pops up and rush over to schedule a friday news conference. thought i was a speech before a joint session of parliament even the queen on to record this as his uk counterpart david cameron says he can get his way when it comes to an antique buttons eu membership status it all. its engine keeps building over ukraine in crimea as capital gunmen in control of parliament was wasted. the russian flag cross the border russian fighter jets in the sky in ukraine's ousted president hopping up the tree of the cove which was given a friday press conference in the southern russian city of raw stuff and gone. meanwhile in the capital of double screening process for ukraine's new cabinet inside parliament in downtown st the prime minister and the new direction the line taking a taxi to the ukrainian government is european integration. sad to see if his linens and things to be troub
to help ease the turmoil in ukraine's russian dominated region. on thursday the new ukrainian government held its first cabinet meeting led by newly appointed prime minister in our city gets in you. in the meantime now said present a victory and a cold it is said to be in russia. russian state news agencies aree plansn hold a news conference on friday. he is a clear he is still ukraine's president but has lost support across almost the entire country chloe audio mix. over in seoul national assembly lawmakers passed a series of long pending bills as this much extraordinary session wrapped up today but they remain divided over a controversial revision to the nation's pension system our national assembly correspondent you don't go as he detests lawmakers in the national assembly passed a series of key lightly the bills on friday the last day of this month's extraordinary session. among the bills passed was a revision to the personal information protection act which requires financial institutions and organizations to encrypt the plans thirteen digit identification number restoring been in a
is the relationship between russia and the ukraine. russian history begins in key, not moscow. that? is >> long story, but they began in kiev and religion has its roots in kiev as well. certainly, vladimir putin was a state builder and someone who wants to reassert to some extent what he calls a eurasian union. >> of the eurasian union. >> belarus, central asia. isthe core of that russia-ukraine. yet within the ukraine, you have , until some days ago, yanukovych was low -- loyal to moscow. you have the eastern part of the ukraine that speaks russian predominantly and leads towards moscow. there are all kinds of divisions here. what i would say is that yanukovych was awful. on the other hand, he was democratically elected. he was overthrown in the streets. he murdered dozens of his own people -- >> during the protests. >> absolutely. he was corrupt as corrupt could be. we are at a very familiar moment we have experienced over and over again, that excitement. it's that moment -- >> we think history is happening here. >> democratic institutions and the norms will take hold. the illusion of tahrir square
.s. is deeply concerned by the reports of russian military movements in ukraine. there will be consequences if russian intervenes. mike viqueira for us at the white house. mike, the president didn't say what those intervention measures could be. >> no one takinbe. >> what is left on the table? that's going to be the speculation. obviously it will be economic sanctions on what materials, when would those sanctions go into effect. if it's the united nations security council well, one of the permanent five would veto unless one of them is russia. it caps two days of escalating rhetoric and the secretary of state. today talking about lines that shouldn't be crossed. two consecutive days of conversations with counterparts. and today the president spoke and said it would be a grave mistake if russia from to violate the territorial integrity and sovereignty of ukraine, which is evidently is happening. >> obama: we are now deeply concerned of reports of military movements taken by russian federation inside ukraine. russia has an historic relationship with ukraine, but any violation of ukraine's sov
by reports that russian military movements were inside ukraine today. >> it would be deeply destabilizing and represent a profound interference in matters that must be determined by the ukrainian people. they have iges of them taking over buildings. tanks and soldiers were seen crossing the borders today in the crimeria peninsula. betweenensions mount ukrainians, officials arrived in the crimean capital calling on putin to call back. president said he remains the country possible rival leader. he is calling on putin to act decisively to restore him to power. >> forces inside the ukraine gear,g unmarked military they say are not russian. but they're carrying the kind of firepower at it is believed that only russia could provide. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. new at 6:00, paul is fighting back. affairsound an internal report. it highlights a lack of training of a rookie firefighter who refuse to help when he collapsed. that information was not included on a public report. they say that is because they have not verified it. what is the benefit to begin by releasing certain segments of it? >> f
concerned by what is going on and said the russians refer to what is going on in the ukraine as the ukraine virus and they fear it will spread to russia. do you share that view? >> i'm not going to comment on the comments of a private citizen, but i will say, broadly speaking, every country we viewed differently. every country has unique circumstances full stop obviously the people of the ukraine have spoken and called for a path forward. that is what we are supporting. anymore the ukraine? context ofioned the in secretary talking, being touch with russia. at the same time you said you are working on the interim government. ,nother part in this process what kind of contact have you had with the e.u.? >> about the ukraine? very close contact. >> good afternoon, everybody. over the last several days, the united states has been responding to events as they have unfolded in the ukraine. through this crisis, we have been very clear about one fundamental question. the ukrainian people deserve the opportunity to determine their own future. together with our european allies, we have urged an end to
10 higher. as soon as that went down my initial suspicion there was russian problem in ukraine and that is exactly what happened. went from 10 higher to 10 lower in a matter of 15 minutes at the most. now we recovered, even more so since the close here. this thing needs to be watched. but i'm guessing there has been nees out there this past few minutes that said that russian issue isn't that big. david: saying a lot of the rumors were overblown. people were expecting the worst. >> right. david: brian, talk about the recovery from the gift we had today. the recovery came quickly. we still don't know all the details of what is happening in the ukraine. we show fundamentals what is happening in the american economy. yes the economy could be growing faster, yes, we should have more jobs but most u.s. companies have very little debt and mountain of cash and virtually no excess overload. they have cut down to the bare minimum. we are reaped to grow. all we need is a little bit more stimulus. >> it's a beautiful thing, isn't it? they have had years and years to cut out all the fat in
russian military movements in the ukraine and that, of course, the u.s. stands with the ukrainian people. >> and the international community according to the president. at this point what we know right now that is according to sources inside ukraine, russian military helicopters and transport planes have entered that country. currently two of their main airports in crimea are now reportedly captured by russian armed forces at this point. >> we'll talk more about that coming up a little later on in the show. >>> now breaking news on the death of phillip seymour off man. the medical examiner just announced a toxic mix of drugs were found in his system including among them heroin, cocaine and amphetamines. ultimately the death was ruled an accident. hon ffmawas found dead in his new york city apartment with a syringe in his arm on february 2nd. >>> police now identified a teenager gunned down in d.c. jonathan adams was 17 years old, a student of beleau high found shot to death on halle terrace southeast just a few blocks from beleau. >> i'm saying that's southeast d.c. today. >> so far pol
for president obama to speak about ukraine and the situation, as these reports have surfaced of russian troops landing in crimea. this as the ukrainian president, the former president now, yanukovych, spoke today from russia, as you were just discussing. saying he will still fight for ukraine. but the biggest development today, just within the past few hours, reports on the ground in crimea that some 2,000 russian troops have landed there. the pentagon confirming that some 12 aircraft have landed at the airport there. earlier, there were -- there were soldiers there that were not dressed in russian uniforms. they were in camo, but not in russian uniforms. they had secured the airport, and then 12 aircraft landed. estimated about 2,000 troops landing in crimea. now, the current administration, the authorities on the ground, as you mentioned, the election has been set. that they are saying that this is an invasion by russia. already, we've heard from the u.s. ambassador to the united nations, saying and teaming up with the president of the united states in this statement. we've heard warnings fr
not to intervene in ukraine. still in hiding, reports that the former president is under russian protection and may speak. day of action, sending a message to free al jazeera staffers held 61 days for doing their job. and the fine print, plans for new labels on food and the new information you will get. we begin tonight with ukraine and dramatic developments in the eastern region of cry mea. governments seized russian buildings. and also a warning not to intervene in ukraine and the former president is hiding in russia. we will have more on today's developments in kiev. but first, lawrence lee is in crimea. >> there are attempts to turn the capital into a source of kiev but the reverse. the parliament building in the hands of heavily armed men protecting it from what they see as undemocratic forces. their support is not so many but eager to tell you they would like nothing more than russian tanks on the streets to protect them. >> american army was supported in different countries. today we support russian army because everyone of us has relatives in russia. >> the police line staffed by just a han
. armed men seize a government building, raise the russian flag. a direct challenge to ukraine's new leaders. there's a lot of russian troops on the border you should know about as well. >>> extreme weather here at home. massive dangerous ice. take a look at this. that is an ice river rushing down what should just be a regular river. our gay tuchman is in the middle of the nasty conditions. his report next. there's this kid. coach calls her a team player. she's kind of special. she makes the whole team better. he's the kind of player that puts the puck, horsehide, bullet. right where it needs to be. coach calls it logistics. he's a great passer. dependable. a winning team has to have one. somebody you can count on. somebody like my dad. this is my dad. somebody like my mom. my grandfather. i'm very pround of him. her. them. afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection. and because usaa's commitment to serve current and form
ukraine, because there is now the u.s.-russian situation. how can russia say it's not involved when it is literally giving asylum to viktor yanukovych? >> all along, the russians have been saying that they're not involved, but certainly they clearly are. they've always thought the ukraine was part of their sphere of influence, propping it up with money stolen that they now say tens of billions of dollar may have been taken out of the country by the ruling yanukovych administration and they want those assets frozen in geneva. they may we will get it, the swiss saying that they will look into that, possibly freezing the assets, but also, the ukrainians saying that they want yanukovych extra do id back to kiev. >> this does not bode well for people who are students of history who watched the collapse of the soviet union. >> absolutely. vladimir putin is very concerned about ukraine for a variety of reasons, not least of which because of the geopolitical situation but internally in russia is keeping a close eye on what happened in ukraine. it's not that long ago we saw thousands of russ
in a southern russian city and that is significant because it connections to russia and ukraine and saying he felt he needed to come and seek rev refugee in russia because he had threats for his life. he took time out to blame the west for the situation that the ukraine is in. >> fully place responsibility upon those who brought our country to this crisis and i would say to this cast disaster. they are to blame for that and those who now in power and those of who today command them in my dawn, invisible, visible, behind the scenes and the west, the united states of america, who patrons. >> that echoes what we have been hearing in russia. we have heard the foreign ministry and kremlin saying that the crisis is sponsored by the west. that is condemnation in russia about what is happening in ukraine. there are deep concerns. russia assist militaryized along the border and thinking that is a lot of rattling and those exercises were already orders, never theless it is making people nervous and nato a watching those exercises. in addition to the border regions and the relationship between russia an
on the peninsula. >> chaos in ukraine as the russian troops take control of two airports in the don't. i want you to be kind.ff i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a to speak my language. i don't want you to look at the chart before you say hi...david. quiero que me hagas sentir segura. i want you to be aweso that's the doctor i want. at kaiser permanente, we want you to choose the doctor that's right for you. find your perfect match at and thrive. >> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >>> good friday morning at 5:12. this is the embarcadero if san francisco you can see it is quote wet. there are waves in the bay area that are really moving through. we will talk to mike nicco about your neighborhood and what the weekend will look like the. >> another consequence of the storm: 8,000 pg&e customers do not have power. pg&e released the latest figures. hardest hit is the north bay with 5,700 customers in the dark and in the south bay 1,700 outages and 400 others are the scattered in the east bay, san francisco, and on
in crimea approached a dangerous pivot point, as ukraine's new government accused russian forces of taking over two airports, a coast guard station and a border post. at a roadblock near one airport, this man said he had no idea who the armed men were, but they quickly set up a security perimeter. >> ( translated ): they arrived around 10:00 p.m. right there a machine gun was installed. the trucks passed through and immediately took control of the whole area; armed men jumped out from the trucks. >> reporter: the crimean peninsula is a bastion of support for moscow, and is home to russia's black sea naval fleet. the fleet command denied the well-armed, uniformed men on patrol were in fact russian troops, but russian military vehicles were seen outside the base, a possible violation of longstanding regulations. by late today, the gunmen had extended their hold on the main airport, and ukraine's largest airline said airspace over crimea was now closed. in kiev, the new interior minister called it an armed invasion, and the acting president warned against outside interference. >> ( translated
for my military intervention in ukraine. >> reporter: there are reports pro russian gunmen are guarding two airports in the crimian peninsula and that russian crews are around the coastguard base. >> any violation of ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity would be deeply destablizing. >> reporter: earlier viktor yanukovych vowed to fight for his country. the fugitive president said threats against his family forced him to leave ukraine. he's now in southern russia. secretary of state john kerry spoke on the phone with his russian counterpart friday and said he made it clear to the russian foreign minister not to intervene. >> the question is whether or not what is happening now meeting crossing a line in any way and we're going to be very careful in making our judgments about that. >> reporter: the obama administration wants to focus on the political transition in ukraine's capital to help keep the country stable. craig boswell for cbs news, the state department. >> secretary kerry planned to meet with the russian foreign minister next week in rome to talk about the situation
more snow to the east coast. >>> the crisis in ukraine deepens. pro-russian forces begin to lay claim to a critical border region, while the ousted ukraine president prepares for his first public appearance since anti-government protesters forced him to flee the country. >>> credit cards will be available, social security number, personal information. >> and hunting hackers. how u.s. authorities track down identity thieves around the globe. captioning funded by cbs ng. good to be with you. i'me-ma >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, february 28th, 2014. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this morning drought-stricken southern california is getting hit hard by a powerful pacific storm. but it may be too much of a good thing. this is the second and stronger half of a one-two storm punch to hit the west coast. the fear is all the water will produce flooding and mud slides in areas recently overrun by wildfires. evacuations have been ordered east of los angeles. and the rain is already falling in l.a. residents in the mountains east of the city were warned
in with all his being that ukraine is part of russian. crimea has -- where major soviet naval base on the black sea is, and we could never geoff up and -- never give up and we're seeing an intervention that is deeply disturbing and alarming, and i don't think he thinks the united states is going to do much, given when he looks around and sees his troops in georgia and seeing american weakness and withdrawal. what do we do now? i think we have to, first of all, condemn it. second, get the immediately as quickly as possible, get the ukrainian economy going again by arranging loans in the imf. threaten a number of sanctions, including restarting of our missile defense systems in the czech republic, saying we're going to take georgia and other nations into nato, and instead of tell -- >> might be easier said than done. no matter what we have said, even when we have spoken in broad terms, consequences for your actions, he still keeps acting, and the latest news, military boat in cuba setting up shop, maybe more to come. inviting in the worse case fears of another cuban missile crisis. p
is spreading to ukraine's crimea region on the black sea, near the russian border. the situation is fluid and dangerous, focussing on the capital. there are reports that gunmen in military uniform seized the airport there. this picture was taken at that airport. a dark image of uniform men wearing helmets, witnesses say 50 armed men were there. the uniforms gave no indication of whose forces they were. jennifer glasse is on the ground and joins us live. i know the situation is fluid, what do you know, jennifer? >> reports are that the men went to the airport, wept in, asked security politely to check. they went into the airport for a little while and left. we don't know who they were, they wouldn't talk to anyone or answer questions as to who they were. it was 24 hours after armed men seized the parliament building. they are in that building. they are said to be a pro-russian militia. other than that, we don't know any more about them. there's an airport down the road, a place home to the black sea fleet. dozens of men are at that airport. it's a reliable newsagency, that, and to secure t
overnight in ukraine. officials accusing russia of an armed invasion. russian gunmen now occupying two airports this morning. we are live with developments overnight. >>> and are airlines cheating you at the ticket counter, slashing services, raising prices, claiming there just aren't enough pilots? question is, is this really true? what a new report is saying this morning. good morning, everyone! welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> and i'm christine romans. it is friday, february 28th. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. >>> all right, millions facing dangerous weather from coast to coast this morning. it is friday. that's the only good thing i can tell you. >> exactly, still, it's friday. >> communities in the california foothills near los angeles bracing for mud slides. look at these pictures! a major pacific storm moving in there. 1,000 homes now under a mandatory evacuation order. the drought-starved region expected to get more rain in the next 48 hours, more rain in two days, berman, than they've had in the past two years. meantime, bitter cold gripping much of the country, wi
, ordered a surprise military exercise on the border of the ukraine with 150,000 russian troops. the russian flag was planted on top of crimea's parliament building. militants took control of the government's building there and pro-russian demonstrators filled the streets. joining me now kristen welker of nbc news. great to have you with us tonight. what can we expect the president to talk about, kristen? >> ed, i think you're going to hear stern words from president obama to give you a sense of what we have been hearing from this administration all week. white house press secretary jay carney, national security adviser susan rice have all said it would be a grave mistake for russia to intervene in ukraine. u.s. official at this hour essentially confirming that is what happened, uniformed russian officers, a hybrid of military and paramilitary are still flying into a region in crimea. the ukraine's u.n. ambassador telling the u.n. security council that russian military forces have taken over their main airport there. so, if this is in fact a case, if russia has in fact raided, entered ukrain
>>> we are now deeply concerned by reports of military movements, taken by the russian federation, inside of ukraine. the united states will stand with the international community in affirming that there will be costs for any military intervention in ukraine. >> that was president obama moments ago from the white house briefing room commenting on the escalating crisis in ukraine. earlier, unconfirmed reports of russian military intervention in the region sent the s&p lower. the question now is, if the situation gets worse, what could that mean for stocks, could russia be the next black swan? we did see people during this session wanting to take risk off. >> risk off, other than u.s. equities. when you think about it, you talked about it just before, it was at five-year lows. it's a very cheap index, but it trades very poorly, there are risks that have been taken off there all along during this thing. u.s. treasuries, the world forgot during the taper, there's one safe haven in assets and it's u.s. treasuries. >> mike? >> we have to remember that we still are obviously basically ri
in support of independent ukraine. was the last few centuries mainly ethnic russians have been living on these lists alongside minorities including the muslim twenty and top sellers. the granny always used to be rationed was passed over to ukraine and often it's time for justice to prevail the current run of the local administration building here in st. got. who voted for it for approval rating had to go for progress in with the words like there were ukrainian flags here and that sentence the winning points. when you submit is mixed with most of the crimean taught to something starting with the ukrainian nationalists but they were never able to agree on much of a topless woman room crimean tougher go from behind the ears too far fetched me to this point however nationalism is far more important and will take up the majority you are expecting the local cranium authorities to exercise the political will and not allowing you to comfort the new open to break down you go to school for tea reporting from the cranium we wanted to get this this is a line of alexander was each of the current l
of the day: new leaders took over in ukraine, while pro-russian gunmen took control of government buildings in crimea and the u.s. warned moscow against provocative actions aimed at ukraine, as the russian military sent warplanes patrolling the border. >> woodruff: vice week continues with our take on gluttony: what does it take to be a competitive eater? plus, we wish happy 25th birthday to the world wide web. a new pew research center study explores how americans feel about the internet and its effect on our lives. all that and more is on our web site, >> ifill: and that's the newshour for tonight. on friday, miles o'brien goes inside fukushima for a rare look at japan's troubled nuclear plant. i'm gwen ifill. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. we'll see you online and again here tomorrow evening with mark shields and david brooks among others. for all of us here at the pbs newshour, thank you and good night. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and the william and fl
development developme ukraine. heavily armed men described as russian soldiers took up positions at airports and at a cost guard base in the crimea region. ukraine accusing russia as invading its territory. jennifer glass is live for us in the crimea capitol. jennifer, who are these armed men at the airport? who are they taking their orders from? >> reporter: they won't talk about who they are. tonight we have a new development. the air space in crimea is closed. no flights going in or out for the next 24 hours. we're not sure who these men are. there are no insignia on their uniforms. there are no license tags on their trucks. no identifying marks, paperwork, passes. if you ask them they won't say who they are. but we understand that they are russian troops. ththere is reports that as manys 2,000 russian troops may have come in the region in the last 24 hours. >> jennifer, i have to ask. i wonder if there has been any reaction to these armed men. to these developments over the last day or so at the airport, and yesterday, the russian essentially war games along the border. any reaction? >>
on the bored other of ukraine with 150,000 russian troops. the russian flag was planted on top of crimea's parliament building. militants took control of government buildings there and pro-russian demonstrators filled the streets. earlier today in his first appearance since he fled kiev last week, ukraine's ousted president, viktor yanukovych, speaking in russian from inside russia, insisted he remained the legitimate leader of ukraine. mr. yanukovych is wanted for the mass murder of protesters in his country. despite russia's overt plex flexing of military muscle yesterday, the kremlin maintains it will respect the serenity of its neighbor. earlier today, secretary of state john kerry urged peace on all sides. >> we urge all parties, all parties, that includes the new interim technical government and rightists and oppositionists and others, anybody in the street who is armed, we urge all parties to avoid any steps that could be misinterpreted or lead to miscalculation or do anything other than to work to bring peace and stability and peaceful transition within the governing process of u
and also around the globe. tonight, tensions are running high in ukraine. the interim government accuses russia of an armed invasion and occupation after unidentified gunmen began patrolling airports in the region of crimea, but the majority of the population is ethnically russian. responding to the report, president obama warned there will be costs for any military intervention in the ukraine. he spoke at the white house a short time ago. >> any violation of ukraine's sovereignty or territorial integrity would be deeply destabilizing, which is not in the interests of ukraine, .ussia, or europe it would represent a profound interference in matters that must be determined by the ukrainian people. it would be a clear violation of russia's commitment to respect the independence and sovereignty and borders of ukraine and of international law. just days after the world came to russia for the olympic games, condemnationte the of nations around the world, and indeed, the united states will stand with the international community in affirming there will be costs or any military intervention in uk
to school and ukraine actually it's quite a top notch paid talent that after that he has ms t the russian activists in the region and aid to the election the senate aryan and then they would difference in a room that's coming in today that he was still on credit that we had to bend the tx on the russian government to use guarantee his stats i see him calling and consenting again the interim government and then that was announced as to achieve any that indeed he would give a press conference on friday. ellie even eat in the south russian ctr. or are still around but that no further details. sheriff bach but apparently there will be that press conference and it happened but certainly done it in and said that so now what the people in mosque al think about all of this unrest in crimea do they expect russia to step in more forcefully. below them in last month's me leave when the whole crisis in ukraine was going on and opinion polls said the contractions didn't want that government and political leaders tea into the air. they are now sits in the looking leave larry to what is happening on cri
, after last week's government takeover. in southern ukraine, a russian flag was raised over parliament in crimea. it raised new fears the country will split in two, east versus west, even as high profile russian military maneuvers continue just across ukraine's border. all of it being watched closely in washington and in the capital city of kiev, here is how richard engel summed it up for us today. >> security has been key here in kiev in front of parliament. they don't want a repeat of wt happened in crimea. they are seeing rival supporters. >> and today we saw the carefully coordinated warnings to russia not to interfere in ukraine. >>> still ahead for us tonight, outrage, a funny guy gets suddenly serious before a roomful of empty chairs in washington. tonight, powerful members of congress getting called out for not showing up and in some cases falling asleep. called out for not showing up and in some cases falling asleep. you'll need when you retire? then we gave each person a ribbon to show how many years that amount might last. i was trying to, like, pull it a little further. [ w
in southern ukraine, a russian flag was raised over parliament in crimea, the most russian part of the country, after the building was taken over by heavily armed pro-russian gunmen. it raised new fears the country is going to split in two, east versus west, even as high-profile russian military maneuvers continue just across ukraine's border, all of it being watched closely in washington and in the capital city of kiev, here is how richard engel summed it up for us today. >> reporter: security has been increase heard in kiev in front of parliament. they don't want a repeat of what happened in crimea. we're now seeing a division of this country with two rival parliaments each surrounded by its reporters. >> and in this country from the white house, state and defense departments today we saw carefully coordinated warnings to russia not to interfere in ukraine. >>> still ahead for us tonight, outrage. a funny guy gets suddenly serious before a room full of empty chairs in washington. tonight, powerful members of congress getting called out for not showing up and in some cases falling asleep. >>>
is the west of the situation the ukraine. it's a set that any movement of russian troops into labor the border from the box seat bases. he coa minute read aggression the gm debate is expected to hold a news conference later this friday it will be the fist time he will be seen in . this was ousted last week was good to me. news just coming in of russian tribunal has ordered the house agrees to participate a statement at a premium on two counts as they come neil french prison for a spot along and has just arrived in the central african republic. his trip comes in the three months into a military mission to stop deadly sectarian killing as for the more i do this individually. along the street to meet the country's interim cousin catherine sent a pass. think as chris martin o'neill has mall. jt flow of funds flowed onto fact the french case the weather doing it this time when the party of course just voted for the deployment of next up for hundreds of them to the hit of the places that takes us inside meets the president of central african republic. catherine assembled on site as well as religiou
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